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But despite louboutins uk sale tremendous efforts

18 Sep 14 - 21:08

City of change Venice is one of the few cities that can truly be described as unique.This is not just because of its remarkable buildings and long history, but because it is a city built on water.It was created in the fifth century by people who were escaping from invaders on the mainland.They built their houses on low mud banks in the waters of the adriatic sea in order to protect themselves.Because it stood on the frontiers of east and west, the city state which developed was able to control important trade routes.As a result, venice became a strong commercial and naval force in the mediterranean region.When the venetian explorer marco polo reached china in 1275, he was able to extend his city's influence even further.Over the next three centuries, venice became increasingly richer and more powerful, and this economic success was matched by great cultural achievements.Venetian artists such as bellini, titian and tinoretto played a decisive role in the development of western art. However after 1600, a 200 year period of economic and political decline followed as other sea powers grew in wealth and importance.From 1797, venice came under foreign domination until, in 1866, it became part of italy.However, one of the great qualities of the venetians is their inner strenght and ability to fight back.When they realised that industrialisation was going to play an increasingly important role in the twentieth century, the venetians turned their attention from trade to manufacturing.This led them back on the road to prosperity and economic growth. The appearance of the historic city itself has changed little in the last two hundred years.The grand canal, 'the most beautiful main road in the world', still carries most of the city's traffic.However, water buses and tourist christian louboutin sneakers gondolas have now replaced trading vessels.The impressive churches and palaces which line both sides of the canal have become shops, hotels and flats, while former shipping warehouses have been turned into art museums.As a result, more than 12 million visitors a year pour into venice, attracted by the dream like romance of the city, and at times they outnumber its residents. But venice is not a dream.The development of industry and tourism has long threatened the city's fragile ecosystem, and floods have highlighted the fear that venice really will sink unless something can be done to hold the sea back.National and international efforts are now being made to protect venice and its art treasures from the effects of air and water pollution, rising damp and flooding.But despite louboutins uk sale tremendous efforts, progress in finding a solution to the problem of high tides is still painfully slow. Many visitors to venice dream of living there, but the reality is that around 1, 500 venetians a year leave the city.Many of them are young families unable to cope with the cost of living or find an affordable place to live.The resident population has shrunk by half over the past thirty years, causing great concern that venice is turning into a museum city for tourists, where nothing is real any more.In an effort to cheap louboutin attract residents back, city developers have suggested re introducing traditional industries such as glass and lace, filling in some canals to allow traffic in and building underground roads to the mainland. But should venice's heritage be preserved at all costs so that it effectively remains a romantic city of art, frozen in time or should it move with the rhythm of modern life, taking into account the needs of its residents?The arguments between the conservers and the people of change continue.

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